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Stansted Easy Parking - Terms and Conditions

1) Definitions

“Services” are those as detailed on the booking form and Purchase Order

“Vehicles” means all motorised vehicles including all types of cars, caravanettes, mobile home, transit van, excluding motorcycle all forms of commercial vehicles over 3 tonnes.

“Full Paperwork” means the booking form and purchase order.

“Drop-Off” means the time you drop-off your vehicle with our representative at the start of the storage period. You must call us when you are 20 minutes away from Drop-off to re-confirm the exact drop-off time.

“Pick-Up” means the time that you agree to pick-up your vehicle from our representative at the end of the storage period. The SCHEDULED time of your flight arrival is given on the booking form. The Pick-Up must be completed no later than 2 hours after the SCHEDULED flight return time. For example, if your flight is due in at 7am, pick-up must be completed no later than 9am. For charges for late pick-up please refer to clause 9 Section 7.

2) Abide By Terms

By making use of our organisation and its services you:

(i) Will be deemed to be aged 18 or over and that you have read and understood this agreement and agree to be bound by its terms and conditions. Where you are entering into an agreement on behalf of an organisation you confirm that you have the legal right to do so.

(ii) Confirm that your vehicle is roadworthy, in compliance with all relevant Road Traffic Legislation in England and that that it has a current MOT and valid road fund licence (where either or both are applicable) and at least the current legislation requirements for insurance.

(iii) Confirm that your vehicle does not contain or hold any items which are in any way dangerous, illegal and always abide by any laws relevant or applicable to this agreement. This would include, but not be limited to, prohibited or stolen items, controlled drugs, toxic, flammable, explosive or other potentially dangerous or damaging items including gas bottles, aerosols, paints, firearms and ammunition, animals, items that encourage vermin or other pests that may cause disease or infection.

3) Payment

(1) The price of the services is as shown on the booking form or as provided by our Third Party booking agents

(2) The price is for services and does not include any insurance for the storage of your vehicle (which is totally your responsibility as is the case for all car parks across the UK), nor any element of maintenance or full supervision. The service price includes; a single meet & greet service and insurance when your vehicle is being driven by an employee of the company. This service is to allow you a place to store your vehicle only.

(3) We reserve the right to exclude certain charge, Debit and Credit cards.

(4) Where a payment is made, you have a 7 working day cancellation period starting on the day the parking is booked, where you are eligible for a full refund. You are able to cancel your booking up to 48 hours prior to your booking date subject to a £5.00 admin fee. If you do not cancel and do not store your vehicle then you are still responsible for payment in full as per the booking.

(5) If you do not pay or there are any problems with your chosen method of payment then once you have ordered services you are still responsible for payment (as detailed at clause 7). If we do not receive payment then we will charge you 3% above base rate compound interest per annum until we receive full cleared payment.

(6) Payment will not be deemed to have been received and cleared until it has been processed and either transferred to and reached our account or authorised by your payment provider as we, at our discretion, determine.

(7) We reserve the right to increase prices but will not do so once a Purchase order has been signed by you and we will honour any prices on booking forms. All price alterations will be published on our website. It is your responsibility to check current prices on our website.

4) Ownership & Protection

(1) You specifically confirm that you are either the legal owner of the vehicle that you are storing or that you have the specific express permission of the legal owner to leave the vehicle and enter into this agreement.

(2) You confirm that you have proper, adequate, valid insurance for the vehicle, which will cover any losses to yourself and others.

5) Security and safety

Of course we will take all reasonable care to look after your vehicle, however:

(1) The security of your vehicle remains your responsibility. You must ensure that the vehicle has functional locking, all windows etc are operable, your roof is locked and up on a convertible and that all and any alarms or safety devices are in full working order.

(2) It is your responsibility to advise us what alarms, trackers and safety devices as in (1) above your vehicle has and to provide us with full details of how they are activated/used. This also includes informing us of any quirks or foibles your vehicle may have, for example: a non operative immobiliser or faulty or non working window winder mechanism or switch etc.

(3) You accept that on the occasions where you leave excess (house, garage, business etc) keys in the vehicle that we have no liability for losses in this respect.

(4) Unless we are shown to have acted negligently, we are not responsible for any contents of the car. This includes fixed contents, such as CD player or Satellite Navigation and any other or personal belongings, whether removable or not. We advise you to remove what you are able and place it in your vehicle’s boot or glove box out of sight.

(5) You are responsible for your own safety and that of anyone with you. You specifically agree to adhere to any safety signs or instructions we give to you.

6) Storage of your vehicle

(1) By leaving your vehicle with us you accept that:
(a) The vehicle will be stored in an open air car park.
(b) We will drive the vehicle to a place we decide for storage in accordance with our efficient operation. This may mean a trip of up to 20 miles. You expressly give us permission to drive your vehicle for the purposes of carrying out the service during the period of this agreement. During the time we drive the vehicle we are covered by our insurers on a fully comprehensive basis should an accident occur but please refer to clause 8 (6), (7) and (8) for limitation to our liability.

(2) It is your responsibility to call us 20 minutes before the time that you want to drop-off the vehicle to finalise an exact time. You must use the telephone numbers provided on your booking confirmation and instructions.

7) Booking and Cancellation

(1) When you make a booking with us you will be sent a booking confirmation and allocated a booking reference number. Without production of any booking details by you, your vehicle cannot be accepted.

(2) If you wish to cancel you may do so any time before 48 hours prior to the time you have agreed to store or deliver your vehicle to us (the cancellation period).

(3) If you cancel within 7 days of making your booking you will receive a full refund, if you cancel up to 48 hours before your booking is due to commence you are liable to pay a £5 cancellation fee.

(4) If you cancel outside our cancellation period, that is to say any time within 48 hours prior to the time you have agreed to store or deliver your vehicle to us, then you are liable for the full amount due for the service.

(5) Cancellation must be by telephone during office hours to 01279 917 024 or by email to

8) Our liability

(1) Whilst we use all reasonable care and skill to ensure the safety of the vehicle (trained staff, secure parking area) and we have a policy of removing unauthorised persons, the service is actually a parking service and as such is not a guarantee of safety and security for you, your vehicle or its contents.

(2) We can only be responsible for any claim while the vehicle is in our care. It is therefore your responsibility to check the vehicle before taking delivery of it.

(3) You must notify us as soon as practicable (usually at the time the vehicle is delivered back to you) about any potential claim and let us have the opportunity to inspect the vehicle (usually before leaving the car park).

(4)In the unlikely event you suspect criminal damage has been caused, you must also notify your own insurers and the Police immediately should there be grounds for any claim to arise.

(5) Our complaints procedure advises that you submit the claim in writing to us at

(6) In any event our liability is limited to a claim for any damage or defect repair, only if proved to our satisfaction and that of our insurer that it arose solely out of our negligence.

(7) You agree that we can not be held responsible for any damage or losses that did not arise out of our negligence. This includes incidents such as flood, fire, incidents of terrorism or war, civil disturbances and emergencies, national emergency, strike or other labour dispute, stray animals, inevitable accident, any force majeure.

(8) Our liability will generally not extend to any mechanical or electrical failure to vehicles, nor any damage including tyre punctures and cracked or chipped windscreens caused by nature or environment or any other event because the vehicle is left without cover.

(9) We are not responsible for ensuring that you meet flight check-ins or any other time deadlines.

(10) It is your responsibility that you are at the agreed drop-off point, which will be the place in accordance with the instructions we give you, on time. We will wait 15 minutes after any agreed drop-off time.

(11) You are responsible for providing correct information, particularly delivery and collection information and we will not be held responsible for any losses whatsoever in this regard.

9) Removing your vehicle

(1) Vehicles can not be removed until all charges due to us, up to and including the date of removal, are paid.

(2) When removing your vehicle you must produce the full paperwork. Where the paperwork is lost you confirm that the vehicle may be removed upon you producing to us your current valid passport or photo driving licence.

(3) You specifically agree that we are not responsible if someone else uses your full paperwork (fraudulently or otherwise) and we allow the person who produces the full paperwork to remove your car.

(4) Collection of your vehicle must be within the pick-up time allowed. Pick-up must take place within 2 hours of the time you have given as your flight arrival time on the booking form.

(5) It is your responsibility to call us once you have collected all your baggage, cleared customs and you are actually ready to leave the airport to collect your vehicle. You must then be at the collection point no later than 10 minutes after you have made this call to collect your vehicle. Additional 3rd Party Airport Car Park fines may apply if you run outside of these 10 minutes. You must use the telephone numbers provided on your booking form.

(6) Where you have called us to arrange a pick-up time you must adhere to this time. Our Representative will be waiting with your vehicle at the pick-up time and can only wait up to 10 minutes after the time you have stated. If you are not available within the 10 minute time frame to pick-up the vehicle then the Representative will be unlikely to wait and you will need to telephone to rearrange the pick-up. You will be liable for additional local parking charges and, depending on the time delay, you may also be liable for additional storage charges.

(7) If you do not collect your vehicle within 2 hours of your pick-up time, without notification of delay, then you will incur storage charges at the rate of £10 for each day or part thereof.

(8) Where you do not move your vehicle within 24 hours of the designated pick-up time and have not notified us of the changes, then you will be charged storage at the rate of £10 per day, and you will be charged this until we receive full cleared payment in respect of the outstanding charges, including any interest accrued.

(9) Subject to the Torts (Interference with Goods) Act; Where the vehicle is not removed by 31 days after the end date then we will organise for the sale of your vehicle at auction. You will be responsible for all costs of the sale or disposal (including moving of the vehicle). The net proceeds of any sale (after all costs associated with the sale) will be credited to your account and we will pay any eventual excess to you without interest within 31 days of us receiving the payment. Where the payment does not cover the amount due to us, you remain responsible for payment of the balance.

10) Termination

We reserve the right to suspend or terminate the supply of services at any time by giving you 14 days notice. If this occurs we will refund the balance of any storage not yet used.

11) Other services

(1) Where you have booked any valet services, these will be undertaken by us or our agents within these Terms and Conditions.

(2) Where you have booked any services or repairs your payment to us is simply to organise the delivery and collection of your vehicle to and from the third party who will organise the services and/or repairs you require. We are not responsible for the services and/or repairs and make no warranty and accept no liability in this regard. Your agreement is purely between the provider of the services and/or repairs and you make payment directly to them and are bound by their Terms and Conditions.

12) Your information

Any services we provide to you may be reliant on information provided by you, so you are responsible for ensuring that any information you provide is accurate, correct and up-to-date. Any information we hold will be used in accordance with statutory controls placed on information use.

13) Assignment

We reserve the right to assign and/or sub-contract all or any part of the supply of services as and when necessary but if we do this it will not affect your rights under any agreement.

14) Queries, complaints, Notices

(1) For any potential claims or complaints relating to the vehicle please refer to clause 8

(2) Any other complaint must be in writing to us at If any complaint may amount to a breach of any term herein then you must allow us 28 days to remedy that breach.

(3) Any notices for either party must be in writing to the respective addresses.

(4) Notices will be deemed to have been received on the 5th day after posting using Royal Mail 1st class service provided that a stamped proof of posting is obtained from Royal Mail. Notices by email will be deemed to have been received on the 3rd day after being sent.

15) Generally

We reserve the right to vary our terms and conditions at any time and such variation takes effect when they are provided to you. This will be by hand or post or as displayed on our website. It is your responsibility to read terms and conditions on each occasion you use our services.

16) Invalidity

Each clause or any part at all of this agreement is to be regarded as independent of the others.

17) Jurisdiction

These Terms & Conditions shall be interpreted, construed and enforced in accordance with English law and shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English Courts.